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Advances in technology have a heavy impact on us all the time. The impact of the iPod and the iPhone are still resonating in our minds. Now one of the biggest questions around for non-techies at the moment is what is the Kindle? And why should I buy a Kindle with Wifi?

Are you one of those people that love to read? Are there book scattered all over your house? In fact when you go on holiday, do you often end up leaving book behind because they weigh you down, or you don’t have the space for them in your suitcase?

To most people a Kindle is very simply the name of the ebook reader that put out. But it is more than that.

Because The Kindle was one of the first electronic book readers and continues to dominate both the technology surrounding these books and the sales the name Kindle has become almost synonymous with ebook reader.

So what is it?

The Kindle is an electronic book (eBook) reader. This means that it can download books from the internet and you can read them on your device. Now before you switch off and think that we are just talking about technical books or those complicated applications and PDF’s you might like to think again.

The books that you download are normal, everyday popular novels that you and I like to read. Imagine being able to download over 1 million books – including all your favorite authors, like Dan Brown, Steven King, Philippa Gregory, Michael Connolley and so many others?

How about newspapers like the NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Daily Telegraph and LA Times?

What about keeping up with your favorite magazines like Time, Newsweek and Forbes?

Thanks to the technology behind ebook readers you can.

What is Kindle technology?

Kindle technology is very similar to the technology behind most ebook readers, except that it does offer a few more features.

You can download as many as 3500 of your purchased books and save them to your Kindle, but a copy is also stored in the ‘Kindle Cloud’. This means that if the unthinkable were to happen to your Kindle and it gets lost or broken then you can simply replace it and download your purchased books from the Kindle Store without having to buy them again.

Kindle technology has some other neat features like the ability to read your book to you – great for when you are engrossed in a story but need to get dinner on or head off in the car.

If you buy Kindle Wifi you can wirelessly get your books downloaded straight to your device within minutes. No need to download them to a computer first.

You can also download your mp3′s to your reader and play music while you read.

The best part of the Kindle technology is the incorporation of E-ink technology. This is a state of the art development that literally makes the screen look like printed paper.

Amazon Kindle Review: Which Model is for You

For the past several years the way people have been reading books has dramatically changed from the traditional paper books to e-readers. Of course, the most popular e-reader available is the Amazon Kindle. Today there are several different models to choose from beginning at the entry level Kindle, The Kindle Touch models, the new Kindle DX and the Kindle Fire.
Starting with the most advanced option, the Kindle Fire, which is not just an e-reader but a full featured tablet computer. For people who want full web browsing, the option to watch movies and even play games in addition to reading books, this is the best option. The Kindle fire is among the most expensive of Kindles but still falls well below the average price for competing tablet computers so it might be the perfect device for people who are looking for more than just an e-reader.

When comparing just the straight e-reader devices the Kindle DX is the highest end option, and also the newest. It has a slightly larger screen, a keyboard and 50% better contrast with its new e-ink screen. This improves on the already impressive ability to read e-books even in bright sunlight. It also comes with free 3G wireless connection so you can download new books anytime you want.
The Kindle Touch is a great option for people who like to be able to turn pages and browse through their library by touching the screen rather than using full buttons either at the bottom or side of the device. With more and more devices using touch screen technology this is a very popular choice for many people.

Finally, the original Kindle e-reader which is the most affordable and for many people is still a great buy. This model is ideal for anyone looking to just get a nice device to read books on and does not need all the extra features. It weighs less than 6 ounces, has a 6 inch screen which will fit in most people’s pockets and can hold up to 1400 books at a time so you can take your entire library with you everywhere you go.

Making the final decision on which model to go with can sometimes be difficult because they each offer impressive features on the e-reader device. When attempting to choose the thing which most people first do to narrow down the options is decide what size screen they want. This can help eliminate at least a couple of the options right away. Also, deciding whether they want just an e-reader or a full tablet is very important since that will also help narrow down the options.
While making the decision can be difficult, everyone will agree that once you have your new Kindle, regardless of which model you go with, you’ll be extremely happy with how well it works and how easy it is to read books on. The Kindle e-reader device has truly revolutionized how people read books today and is allowing people to enjoy reading a good book everywhere they go.

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